Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.

Being direct is one of our core principles.
It is how we’re able to provide such incredible value for our customers.

Most traditional retailers have a slew of middlemen that separate the product from the customer. This extends delivery timeline and increases the final cost of the product. Our obsession with efficiency means that we've eliminated the middlemen, meaning we deliver exceptional products at unrivalled value.

What's a retail price?

The “retail price” represents the estimated retail value of a comparable item that you may find at other retailers.

We think it’s important to note that, while this estimate is provided to give you a general sense of your savings, your actual savings may vary based on your location, or the particular time of purchase.

While we conduct regular research to ensure that these retail prices represent realistic pricing on comparable items, we highly recommend that you conduct your own individual research as well.

Retail $4500
You save $2101